My Speech at the Rutherglen Rotary Club in Scotland

My Speech at the Rutherglen Rotary Club in Scotland
I did this speech at the Rutherglen Rotary Club in Scotland in the occasion of the annual meeting with the international students. It is a habit of the Club to name a President for that night only, who was myself.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Good Evening,

I would like first to introduce myself, my name is Bassel Nadim from Syria , Damascus. I am carrying out my master degree in economics at Glasgow University, I used to work as an economist for a regional consultancy firm back home in Syria.

It was a great pleasure to speak in behalf of my colleagues at the British Chevening Scholarship Scheme in Scotland . Meanwhile I have gained the hounor to be named as a President for Rutherglen Rotary Club for this event.

Indeed, such occasions provide a mutually beneficial vehicle for people to get the hang of other’s points of view, this will accelerate cultural communication and provoke knowledge accumulation, thus proper understanding will be created, and fruitful business relations will be taken place.

We as Chevening scholars do appreciate the efforts done by your Club to abolish poverty and social conflict around the world, we condemn all types of violent against civilians in Northern Ireland, America, Afghanistan, Iraq, West Bank, and Israel, it should be Justice not Revenge as Glasgow City Council announced in more than a time.

Finally, deep gratitude for both the British Council and the Rutherglen Rotary Club
For their efforts to achieve prosperity for Scotland, United Kingdom and the world.

Enjoy your night.

Bassel Nadim


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