Briefing on Business Opportunities in Syria

Briefing on Business Opportunities in Syria
with Emphasis on the European-Syrian Association Agreement

The idea of this briefing was tempted by Mr.Nick Kuenssberg the Scottish Networks International Chairman during our discussion about business opportunities in Syria.

Recent economic developments the Syrian economic regulation makes it worthy to create \ enhance the presence in Syria and be closer to the proposed 4 billion euro – the rehabilitation and modernization program’s cost which will executed mainly by international companies.

Moreover, Syria is almost to sign an Association Agreement with Europe, thus and as a related steps, the European Union is funding 10 million euro as a part of the transitional agenda in the coming two years, and it has committed to another 70 million euro over the coming five years.

Most of the available and potential business opportunities attach the area of Business advisory, Banking, financial services, project management, IT and other infrastructure projects.

I am keen to devote my proven experience to the interested companies, and to share them their steps toward more success.

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