How many Nadims?!

How many Nadims around the world? I mean how many people have Nadim as a surname.

In my last visit to Damascus I counted 33 Nadims in my close family. Well, I tried a fancy attempt to count how many Nadims worldwide. Rest assured there is no hidden agenda, a treasure, a Nigerian well, or any outstanding debt. However, if you are a Nadim then you will be invited to Nadim Cyberclub once established.… not bad emmm!

This is not my first attempt to count Nadims. The first try was 25 years ago when I looked for Nadims in the thick phone directory searching for new family members who may have more interesting kids to play with. The second attempt was in the year 1999 when I purchased a CD for all phone directories in Syria, I found many Nadims living in the eastern region.

The same “searchophopia” attack came back again. I decided to explore the top 3 virtual networks the Facebook, Linkedin and Windows Live. It was not an easy job to read hundreds of profiles to exert some information. Actually, the Facebook does not facilitate people search by surname. As a result, I found myself reading more that 500 profiles in order to filter out non-Nadims. I discovered a secret, Facebook search engine only provides 500 unique results only and then repeat the rest of the results. Linkedin and Windows Live have the facility of searching by surname, they were more efficient.

My search shows they are 110 Nadims approximately on Facebook, 70 Nadims on Linkedin and as much as 421 Nadims on Windows Live. Initially there are 601 names of which 44 were recognized as duplicated, let’s say 100 duplicated names instead, so it will end up by 501 registered Nadims. Assuming that each Nadim represents 5 off-line Nadims, then it is estimated that there are 2500 Nadims globally…. Yureeka

Most of the Nadims are residing in the France and India. Considerable members are located in the UK, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Canada, UAE, Iraq, Iran, and Italy. Few of them are living in UAE and Brazil. Nadims are working in different professions mostly in media, art and legal services.

I have really enjoyed reading the profile of some people who are holding similar names to my family ones: Marwan, Hanan, Anas, Rasha, and even Bassel. I also found Nadim Farouk and Nadim Ammar... yet not counted, but they hold the revised names of my father and brother, consequently.

I wonder from where did those Nadims come from? What is the individual story of each one of them? What are their dreams and passion? May we have the chance to communicate and expand Nadim family website forever.

Nadim 147

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