Another "e" from Google

Hundreds of websites around the globe reacted to Haiti earthquake by furnishing links, news and photos on the devastated city and voicing appeals for humanitarian help and support. Online relief initiatives tend to offer services consistent with the nature of sponsor’s original business. For example, news sites tend to offer special coverage on the crisis and its consequences. On the other hand, tens of banks enable donating facilities on their websites, while many charities are asking for used staff to be dispatched to the needed people. Google, nevertheless, approached the crisis differently by introducing The Crisis Response for Haiti and bring the interaction all.

The crisis response is a webpage customized to Haiti earthquake, a portal which brings all necessary functions to the fingerprints of people interested in that humanitarian tragedy. The platform allows users to dial free voice call, read news, watch clips and images, find people, donate money and share video clips, photos and information.

What’s new in Google Crisis Response is brining everything under one page instead of the scattered initiatives on different websites. This is not a technical move in web design, rather, it is a new development in how search engines becoming more effective in the digital world by gradually shifting from being a natural meduim for data exchange towards affecting the way we feel, perceive and interact with the world surrounding us.

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