The untrodden ways!

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Dubai is renowned for its splendid cityscape, shopping extravaganza, and fascinating attractions inspired by contemporary architect. Urbanization in Dubai makes you surprised to know that the city lies over sands!. Come and join the trip beyond the boundaries of the city, the desert.

A well equipped 4X4 vehicle drove us up and down into the unlimited sand waves. Once the car engine turned off, a new world emerged where echoes of silence break the silence. The journey begins.

Once I reached my destination I rode a camel and the guide headed towards the tourist camp. Some people were sand-boarding, a few ladies were putting Hinna, local dye, on their hands, and others were playing over the sands. However, I wanted to avoid the camp for a while and unifying myself with the nature, I asked the guide to surf away through the dunes. I sat up the hill watching the red sun fading slowly beyond the horizon while the twilight is was conquering the place.

I went back to the camp, it was dinner time, a traditional food of rice and meat was being served with yogurt. It is a habit here that the more you eat the higher appreciation you show to your host. It was a heavy meal compared to my regime, yet delicious. Drinking coffee after food is a known routine, the aroma of the hot Arabic coffee refreshes the breath, consider the test though... It is a convention that the coffee-man will keep pouring the coffee until the guest shakes the cup three times!

The evening entertainment programme started with some local song, then a man briefed us on some fascinating facts about the life in the desert, followed by telling a few local stories which were rich of wisdom and great human values.

The weather became chillier, I came into the tent and relaxed on the woolen carpets and cochins nearby the fire stove. Everyone was attempting not to interrupt the calm of the magical night. Staring at the looming disarray of stars is another magical thing to do. Someone would not believe that ancient nations used stars to map the way. What a GPS!

Dozens of things to recall.. memories remain.

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