What the world has been searching for during 2010 – Part 1

Browsers around the world plug many hundred millions key words a day on search engines fishing for information on unlimited topics. Nevertheless, there is a global consensus on top words of which Google reveals the highest 10 faster rising words-in-search worldwide which are the following as of December 28, 2010:

1- iPad
2- fb (facebook)
3- facebook en español
4- 4shared
5- www.facebook.com
6- twitter
7- fifa
8- taringa
9- face
10- facebook

iPad and Facebook are the top words of interests ever. I will be providing more fascinating facts on end of the year ranking soon.


Google Search Inquires do not Go in Vain

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GOOGLE search inquires are stored and kept to feed its proprietary database to analyze trends and social behavior. Are you curious to read what does Google knows about you? Carry on reading.

As a response to the criticism on its transparency, Google has introduced a facility, called Google Dashboard, to enable users accessing what information has been collected. The service is free and can be reached by following a few steps: go to Google Homepage, click on the Privacy Link at the end of the page, click on the Dashboard Tab on the left side bar, then log into your account and scroll down to the end till you find the Web History Section… here we go, it shows you what you had been searching for since years ago.

The recorded results can only be retrieved if you were logging in while conducting the search, otherwise they will be stored under the computer’s IP and there is no platform to retrieve them yet.

If you are not satisfied that your records are being filed and tracked, then you can clear the search history and deactivate the archiving function by selecting Clear Web History followed by turning off Goggles Search History option.

Google eyes are no longer watching you.

Bassel Nadim
Artwork: Chip Taylor

A Good Hotel to Stay at in Moscow

This is my first trip to Moscow and I found Aquamarine Hotel a good deal in terms of location, rooms, food and daily rate.

The hotel is located in a calm area nearby Moscow River, yet enjoys a “strategic” location by being 7 minutes walking distance away from the Red Square(face the river and walk left) and also about 5 minutes walking distance from Taganskaya street (face the river and walk right) where a plenty of restaurants and too many attractions are available rather. Enjoy exploring the neighborhood and don’t forget to pick up some of various free tourist materials and maps from the lobby while wondering around. I walked overnight there (11 pm) it was dark but safe.

The hotel has new premises with modern interior design and staffed by helpful well trained English-speaker employees. Rooms are clean and neat, I spent a comfortable night and cool stay - say a warm night because of the radiators. I have also enjoyed delicious international food offered by Topaz restaurant. Don’t forget to ask the hotel to register you with the police; this is a standard norm when visiting Russia.

The hotel accepts international credit cards and Rubbles only. It is fascinating enough is to find a currency exchange machine at the lobby, I have changed some US Dollars into Rubbles and the rate was the best I got in Moscow.

Enjoy your stay.

Bassel Nadim