Zimbardo vs. Guantánamo in Dubai

A controversial confrontation between an ex-guard at Guantánamo Bay dentition camp and a former detainee will be taking place in Dubai accompanied by the facilitation of Dr. Philip Zimbardo, professor of psychology at Stanford University. 

Hosted by Boldtalks, Dubai-based community debate forum, the meeting will address the psychology behind the guard-detainee relationship, an argumentative topic in post modernization psychology which examines the psychological effects of human under given circumstances. Dr. Zimbardo’s famous simulation, Stanford Prison Experiment, will explain how Guantánamo’s rules has degenerated and dictated the behaviors of guards and prisoners in reality, beyond fences.

Moazzam Begg, the former detainee, is a British Pakistani held in Guantánamo for three years for allegations of being Al Qaeda member and was released without charge in 2005. Moazzam will be meeting his former guard TJ Holdbrooks an American who worked for some time at the camp and was converted into Islam after he saw how muslim detainees were keen on their faith.

Bassel Nadim

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