Monetary regulation and financial liberalisation

Can a government make money out of financial repression? Can regulating the banking sector be attained while liberalising the economy? What is Basel Convention role? Where the World Bank stands? This paper addresses the puzzling questions of monetary liberalization in developing countries. 
Read my first published e-book on monetary regulation and financial liberalisation.

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Published     July 18, 2011
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No longer Facebook

was also published on allvoices  

Users from Dubai are facing difficulties accessing the Facebook website. The incident was reported on July 5, 2011 at 12:30 AM local time (20:30 PM GMT). Instead, the Facebook url displays a Wikimedia page that says: Wiki does not exist. Trying alternative route such as going directly through the “log in url” gives worse answer i.e. 404-not found!

The reason of such case is not clear. Common causes include webmaster collapse or a successful hacking attack has taken place. The coming hours will reveal more facts and information.

Bassel Nadim