Finally, I managed to develop my own app – iBassel. I got inspired by iPhone apps and decided to move a step ahead from a mere downloader to active “Appler” or at least a knowledgeable apps user. Again, I am trying to emphasize that iPhone is a post mobile era and it is not a new mobile brand, start the literacy now.

If you are keen to peruse such an “enlightment” then the starting step is obtaining Apple IOS Developer ID from Apple website (costs US$ 99). Subsequent to having a million-dollar app idea, you need to carry out all the back office work. Whether you are using Mac, web-based Mac applications or Mac-in-cloud you need to have a developer account at the host server, then logging into your Apple Developer account to produce an App ID for your proposed app, and then create Certificate Signing Request CSR. Upon that, follow the instruction to issue Push Production Certificate and complete the Distribution Provisional Certificate. Your app is “legally” developed by now, yet you need to build/upload it on Appstore, if it passes the AQI test, otherwise, you may distribute it on ad-hoc basis to other ifreinds. It sounds like chemistry, so the best thing to do is to visit Apple iOS Library for more details and trouble shootings. Stick to using ready template and forms before option to iOS SDK and deploying OS XCoca.

My first app is simple as I aim to acquaint myself to the aforementioned process. Direct your browser to  http://appma.kr/o2wecH  and pay a visit to iBassel. The app has 4 tabs that bring some of my recent writings to imates’ finger prints, in addition to Ask me function which allows you to raise any question or submit a feedback.  Oops, I need to update my app feeder site, and keep goods apps up.

iBassel (Bassel Nadim)

I published it originally on Computer Sight  

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