In a search of Islamic banking

While Islamic banking assets are mainly based in the GCC and Malaysia, interested people are mapped in different locations globally. Where are those interested people in Islamic banking located? 

Bassel Nadim reports:

Islamic banking top 10 list
Google data revealed that Pakistan and Nigeria are the most interested in Islamic banking as measured by search hits. Among others, India, UK, Germany and USA are also in the top 10 list indicates curiosity from around the globe in Islamic banking.  Countries with large Muslim community such as Saudi Arabia and Indonesia have missed the list.

Islamic banking search hits 2005 - 2012
The highest search hits registered in July 2011 impacted by the news of 15% Islamic banking market share in Pakistan. On the other hand, August 2006 and June 2004 recorded the lowest.

It seems appealing to support the proposition that the more the unique the concept to the prevailing culture, the higher number of search hits it provokes and the less the impact the community size.

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